Quantum Light Harvesting: Computing of the Future?

A recent suggested result in my DuckDuckGo search app on my Android phone brought this article to my attention yesterday. The article discusses some new theory on the way light is converted into energy in plant life and how understanding it may lead to more efficient technology. I’m not up to terms on the concepts, but that sounds a lot like the possibility of bio-driven technology, and that makes me think of Star Trek. Anyone who’s watched the Voyager series would likely remember the “gel packs” that drove the ship’s internal systems.

Maybe I’m completely misunderstanding the technology they’re suggesting can come from deciphering how this method of harvesting light energy works. Either way, technology has rapidly improved over the past decade. After all, we were using computers with 56k internet connections and hard drives smaller than the average modern thumb drive only thirteen years ago, and that isn’t a very long time considering how fast that technology was improved the two decades up until the year 2000. I really wonder how long the imaginations of science fiction writers can stay ahead of the engineering minds of the real world.