Some links of interest.

  • Waldin Donkey Rescue
    The first Virginia-based satellite adoption center for Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue – an organization that specializes in rescue and adoption services for donkeys across the country. The website features pictures and brief descriptions of the donkeys that are available for adoption, as well as those that have already been adopted.
  • All About Circuits
    This is a great site to check out if you’d like to read up on fundamentals of electricity or to reference something for a particular problem you’re facing with circuit analysis – or maybe even design. Along with their textbook-like resources, their forums are active with a community that is very knowledgeable and likely to help with any question you could have – if it hasn’t already been answered in a previous post! They also host forums for circuit-related topics such as communications, physics and microcomputing. One of the top sites on the net for anything electrical-related, in my opinion.
  • Physics Forums
    Another location where people socialize and share help and insights on various topics – especially those that are tied to physics.
  • ColorizeIt
    A great place to make simple color customizations to various phpBB and SMF board templates, as well as templates to a few other bulletin-board systems.
  • Google Fonts, Q Fonts
    Places to get some pretty nice fonts.
  • Ubuntu Help Documentation
    A place where documentation for various information on the Ubuntu LTS OS can be found for both the Desktop and Server editions.
  • Paul’s Online Math Notes
  • Calculus Made Easy