Windows 7, LibreOffice 4 Update Issue

On two separate Windows 7 machines, one with Ultimate and one with Home Premium, I ran into the same issue when trying to update LibreOffice 4 to the latest version,

For some reason, there is a folder nested within the LibreOffice 4 directory called program, and this folder is a bitch to do anything with. The reason I found issue with it to begin with is because the installer for LibreOffice 4 kept returning a 1303 permissions error when copying files for the installation. On my first machine, I simply restarted into Ubuntu (the machine is dual-booted) and deleted the LibreOffice 4 directory from the Windows partition using Nautilus. However, on my PC with Home Premium, which isn’t dual-booted, I decided to see if there was a way for me to remedy the issue from within Windows itself. After doing every step I could learn of to either force-delete the file or change permissions, including through CLI with an elevated command prompt, I found that nothing tried within Windows itself would work. In the end, I was still forced to use a linux boot to fix my issue, and I did that using a LiveUSB.

So, if you’re facing the same issue I did, you can take the same step that I did. If you know of a sure-fire solution that can be executed from within Windows, shared knowledge is appreciated.

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  1. This appears to still be an issue for me when updating LibreOffice 4, at least on Windows 7 Ultimate SP1. All searches online have rendered no results referring to LibreOffice, though I have seen others having the same permissions issue with files and folders in Windows 7, and so I’m assuming it is more a core issue with Windows 7 than something that is isolated to LibreOffice. I’ve seen several work-around methods mentioned by people, which were more involved than simply booting into Linux to remove the folder, so I took the easier road with Linux instead.

    Hopefully Microsoft will address this issue at some point, unless Windows 7 drops too low on Microsoft’s priority list in the shadow of Windows 8/8.1.

  2. For those still running into this problem today (and I do, even on newer PCs running Windows 10 and trying to update/upgrade LibreOffice), just restart the PC after you get the error and then run the installer again. The folder in question is gone after a reboot, so perhaps the permissions issue comes up as a result of the folder being in some sort of limbo between existing and being deleted.

    Either way, the reboot seems to do the trick in Windows 10.

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