Direct File-Sharing in Linux using SFTP

Setting up SSH Server

To begin, install OpenSSH-Server on the PC of choice:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install openssh-server

It shouldn’t take but a few seconds, but after it is installed, you can check the status of the SSH server to be running with the following command:

systemctl is-active ssh

If the OpenSSH-Server is running (as expected), the console will return active. If it is stopped, it will return inactive.

By default, the system likely enables OpenSSH-Server to run at boot. You can check this with:

systemctl is-enabled ssh

And you’ll either get enabled to indicate it will be ran at boot or disabled if it will not. Because we’re using this for file transfers as-needed, we don’t want it enabled, so issue the following command to disable it:

sudo systemctl disable ssh

You can then recheck that it is disabled:

systemctl is-enabled ssh

Now, if OpenSSH-Server is running, you can proceed with installing FileZilla on the other PC to handle transferring the files. If it isn’t, you can start it:

sudo systemctl start ssh

And now recheck that it’s running:

systemctl is-active ssh

You should get active in response if it is running.

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