LibreOffice (Latest Version) Installation for Ubuntu, Linux Mint and elementaryOS

This is somewhat of a follow-up post to a previous post regarding updating LibreOffice for Ubuntu and Ubuntu-based OS.

Because each version of Ubuntu and any OS based on it usually pulls from a specific repository where software that has been deemed stable for that version is stored, getting the latest version of a particular software can be impossible without some configurations. Having used both Ubuntu and Linux Mint, and successfully installed and updated LibreOffice using the LibreOffice PPA, I thought the same could be done for elementaryOS, which is also based on Ubuntu (the latest version, Luna, being specifically based on Ubuntu 12.04 Precise Pangolin).

However, after installing eOS and installing LibreOffice from the default repository, I then added the LibreOffice PPA and found that it caused some issues with the Update Manager in eOS. Not only would it not allow me to update to the latest version of LibreOffice, but it even seemed to interfere with eOS being able to get other updates. I couldn’t even alter the settings in the Update Manager. After removing the LibreOffice PPA from the software sources, all problems seemed to vanish with non-LibreOffice updates. The biggest problem for me at that particular moment, however, was that I couldn’t get LibreOffice updated. A few sites mentioned compiling LibreOffice source to install the latest version, which I didn’t care to do (updating was not that big of a deal for me, if compiling the source was my only option), and so I came across someone else who mentioned following the same steps I had done before, yet adding the PPA before installing the software. So, I followed the necessary steps to completely remove LibreOffice (credit to an answer on

sudo apt-get remove --purge libreoffice*
sudo apt-get clean
sudo apt-get autoremove

And then I removed the PPA by opening Update Manager, going to Settings… at the bottom-left, going to the Software Sources tab and removing it from the list. After, I simply re-added the PPA and reinstalled the software back onto the computer using the terminal.

sudo apt-add-repository ppa:libreoffice/ppa
sudo apt-get install libreoffice

I open LibreOffice and find the latest version ( as of writing this post) installed.

As far as complications with updating the software further, or interfering with other updates, I can’t say. I had already ran all other updates before reinstalling LibreOffice, and so the system is showing up-to-date. I will post a comment if I see the PPA in the sources list causing any other problems, or not updating LibreOffice beyond

There are also some articles posted on regarding ways to configure LibreOffice and other applications to fit more into the eOS appearance, in case anyone is interested.

Update 2015.08.31

On Linux Mint 17.2, I’ve realized that there is one additional step required in addition to what I had mentioned above to update to the latest version of LibreOffice (5.0.1 as I’m writing this). You have to set the priority for the package so that Mint’s update system will allow it to be updated/installed from the PPA. To do that, you need to create the file /etc/apt/preferences.d/libreoffice.pref and place the following inside of it:

Package: *
Pin: release o=LP-PPA-libreoffice
Pin-Priority: 700

This information was taken from the Mint here.

phpFreeChat and MyBB: User/Group Identifying

I’ve already posted blogs on both my way of configuring phpFreeChat to authenticate users based on multiple groups in phpBB3, as well as identifying users and authenticating based on their groups in SMF 2.x.

Well, I’ve also posted up a sample phpFreeChat configuration for identifying and authenticating users based on groups in MyBB 1.6.x. Believe it or not, this was the most difficult of the three to get working – and that was thanks to MyBB’s extremely lacking documentation on its functions. If you decide to use my example, you’ll see that I also include some conditions, such as keeping the phpFreeChat configuration file (the file your chatters access to open phpFreeChat) within the MyBB directory. This isn’t really a big deal, however, because you can place these files anywhere outside of phpFreeChat’s installation directory and simply point them to it when loading the chat application. In fact, this actually caused me to stop pointing to my phpFreeChat directory from phpBB and SMF, and instead follow suit and starting placing the php files that held the configurations for them within the board directories as well.

But the point is that using MyBB required me to do this. I did, however, have a separate configuration arrangement with MyBB that may have contributed to the problem. My structure for MyBB was – but I had the forums accessed at – mirroring the mybb directory to the forums parent directory – which also required some particular settings in MyBB’s configuration for paths and what-not. I don’t know if this could be the reason that querying user information from MyBB required the file that was doing it to be in the MyBB directory or not, and I didn’t want to bother re-installing MyBB just to test it. If anyone else does and notices a difference, feel free to share your experiences. Either way, I hope the example configuration I’ve posted helps someone else who might be trying to query MyBB user info and group assignment for other purposes outside of MyBB itself.