Orange Is The New Black

Work has kept my girlfriend and I from enjoying our usual getaway from the world to the streaming of Netflix, but we finally got around to it tonight while we ate dinner. Expecting to watch something from our typical list, we saw the unavoidable advertising for Netflix’s original series Orange Is The New Black. To be honest, I really expected this was going to be a pure-bred comedy. Even the synopsis gave me that impression. I won’t dare say that I knew otherwise even within the first two minutes, during which a brief montage of female nudity was put on display, which neither of us saw coming.

I’ll admit that I didn’t think the show was all that bad. I guess it’s probably not that surprising that my girlfriend found much less taste for it. Don’t think the abundance of female nudity is the reason for my interest in watching it again. Actually, I guess I am intrigued by the dramatic presentation of the prison life. Oz was a hit show a decade or so ago, but I didn’t get to watch it due to my lack of an HBO subscription – though I did manage to catch an episode or two during occasional opportunities. Still, the only thing I can remember about Oz is that the newspaper editor from the Spider-Man movies played a bald-headed paraplegic. That’s literally it.

But anyway. I wouldn’t say anything such as “Orange Is the New Black is one of the best new TV shows,” but I will say that it probably isn’t anywhere near being the worst. Plus, getting to see ol’ Captain Janeway from Star Trek: Voyager play a soviet kitchen-head is entertaining in itself, especially following my shock of seeing her on the whacky CN show NTSF:SD:SUV. Still, it’s worth a gander or two if you don’t mind slightly unrestrained nudity and sexual themes – which is common in most HBO/ShoTime series as well (eg. The Tudors and Spartacus) – or a casually-paced drama storyline.